1 Aug 2017


Can a rectangular board, adorned with letters and numbers and a few illustrations, and an arrow head shaped piece of plastic really make contact with the dead? Who really knows for sure? All I know is that I have had a couple of creepy experiences myself that has made me question just how safe they really are! 

While there is no doubt that the Victorian style Ouija board, like the one pictured above, is pretty cool looking, it is also an image that most people readily shy away from as something they recognise as not to be trifled with! My first experience with a Ouija board was when I was about 14. I went round to visit a friend one night after school, expecting to sit in her room and have a chat, maybe play some music. Instead I arrived to find that her parents were out for the evening, and she had set up a Ouija board upstairs in the spare bedroom. As I walked into the room, wondering what on earth was going on (I had never heard of these things before), the spirit board session picked up pace, with the shot glass they were using as a planchette whizzing frantically around the board, and eventually lifting off and shooting into the wall opposite! Everyone blamed me because I was the last one to walk in! Needless to say I turned tail and hot-footed it down the street all the way back home. 
I was terrified!

My mum owns this particular style of board, which is more often known as an Angel Guidance Board

Even though this board is in no way as sinister looking as your typical Ouija, I still feel it is possible to have a negative experience with one, and indeed my mum did a couple of months ago.

She uses the board along with two friends about once every two months, and they make a little event of it; sandwiches and cakes etc. On a recent session, a spirit came through claiming to be my mum's brother. Now for one reason or another, my mum and her brother are estranged and have been for around 20 years, therefore my mum would not be aware of if he was in the spirit world or not. This spirit that had come through claiming to be him knew everything about my mum, her history, the name that she was going to call the child she had miscarried in the early 1980s, some recent events that happened, names, dates, intimate details of stuff and so on. She was so convinced that this was him that she began frantically searching for details of his death online and even made enquiries with a local records office. Exactly one month later, my partner and I were driving through our local town and we saw my mum's brother walking along the pavement, very much alive, albeit a little worse for wear due to years of excessive drinking.

For me, that would have been more than enough reason to leave that board alone! Clearly something was playing with her, and I do feel that it was some kind of malevolent spirit, as there was lots of swearing and insults involved with this particular encounter, and really nasty things said that I don't even believe my alcoholic uncle to be capable of! Despite several warnings, she and her friends still continue to use the spirit board, not really being fully aware of how to protect themselves against the negative energies, and what to do if something malevolent does come through,

So here's the deal; 

The main reasons why you should never use a Ouija board is the fact that you are at risk of possession, of gaining an unwanted spiritual attachment, and being tricked by lower beings. As with any other types of spiritual summoning, YOU are actively inviting the entity to come and be with you, to take charge of your spirit and soul, although this will not happen overnight! It will be more gradual, over time, and you may start to notice things inexplicably going wrong for you, or changes to your health or temperament.


If after all this, you still find you want to experiment, PLEASE do not do so without some sort of spiritual protection (a prayer or incantation to raise protection from a Deity or guide). Candles dotted around and a few crystals and/or crucifixes will offer a little added cover. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, use a Ouija board alone. A spirit has more chance of breaking through protection barriers with a lone user. Begin your session by welcoming spirits and showing them with where the letters and numbers are. Throughout your session make sure you constantly repeat the same chant, that whatever is there with you must be kind and respectful and mention that you are there as a friend. Close the board down properly at the end of the session, and put a ring of rock salt around the perimeter to soak up negative energy, and ask the spirits to leave, telling them that they can't attach to you or anyone else in the group. Say a closing prayer/chant and after ten minutes or so, pack it away, preferably with the planchette in a separate box or drawer!.

It is far more ideal if you don't have a Ouija board of course, but should you decide you are ready to get rid of yours, here's a few recommendations of how to do it properly!

* Cut board into four pieces and scratch scores across each piece, to prevent any further spirits coming through. Then take each piece of board to the furthest flung four corners of the country that you live in and where it is possible for you to travel to. At each site, burn the piece of board. Make sure you destroy the planchette, and if possible, put the rubbish into a few different bins around town. Always ensure to clean up after yourself if you decide to do this. 

* Afterwards perform a cleansing ritual with burning sage, salt and Lavender on your car, your home and yourself.


* The 'Talking Board' was introduced by Elijah Bond in July 1890

* The name Ouija is derived from putting two words together, i.e. the French word  for yes 'oui' and the German word for yes 'ja', which squashed together makes 'ouija'

* The boards were seen as culturally harmless for years before Hollywood got involved

So, there you go! If you must dabble, make sure you are properly protected! 

Until the next time!

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