31 Aug 2016


As most people will probably realise, there is such a lot of nonsense on Youtube, and it can be really difficult to figure out how the people who have achieved Youtube fame and celebrity have actually managed to do so. There are a couple of people who spring to mind, both of which have in excess of ten million subscribers, and just why they manage to command the attention and dedication of so many devoted followers is totally beyond me, especially when their content is utter drivel for a good 95% of the time. Anyhow, I do hate to be negative, so let's just leave that there and get to talking about the genius that is Colin Furze.

Colin is a former plumber turned inventor from Lincolnshire in the UK. This man has a pure talent for creating gadgets, either combining a few different things together that already exist thus giving them a slightly different usage, or coming up with a totally new idea from scratch. There are a couple of example videos below;

Colin has been involved with Sky 1 and with his Gadget Geeks series, and has also worked with Taylor's of Harrogate, where he was asked to create a wake up device to go hand in hand with their High Voltage Coffee. This was the result;

Now at this point you would be forgiven for thinking that Colin is a nutter, and he quite possibly is, but look beyond the boyish excitement and craziness, and what you have here is an out and out genius! Colin's philosophy is simply 'have a go', meaning that when it comes to inventing and making things, just get stuck in there and try it out. What I like the most about him is that he seems to be a massive advocate of learning how to 'fix things', which has become a decidedly lost skill in todays 'throw away' society.

Whilst the majority of Colin's videos are purely for entertainment purposes, there are a few posted in which you can learn how he has built one of his inventions, should you wish to jump into the back shed and set about putting it together for yourself. His projects will usually begin life in the underground bunker;-

We introduced a friend of ours to Colin's channel a few months ago, and he watched his entire inventory of videos in one day. At a later discussion we all agreed that we would love to be Colin's neighbours and would always be calling round to find out what he was working on next and if we could somehow get involved!

Even if you are not remotely interested in people who invent stuff, there are a few videos on King Col's channel that if nothing else will just make you giggle from the sheer silliness of it. Here are a couple of my personal favourites that have got me through a bad day or two;

Be sure to check out his channel, especially the X-Men stuff, then pop back and let me know what you thought of him. Happy viewing!