23 Jul 2015


Being out of a job sucks, so to cheer myself up, I spend a lot of time (in between the job searching and applications) walking, either alone, with my boyfriend or with my mum and her dog, and I love to take pictures of the things we see along the way!

Here are a few of things we spotted on our recent jaunts!

Old pub not far from where we live! We are not sure if this is going to be converted into flats or is being pulled down, so I always like to get a picture before anything changes! Seems such a shame as this pub dates back to around 1825!

As long as I have known, this place has not been open, and I have no idea when it was last up and running as a general corner shop/grocers! I love old places like this though! Would love to go inside! 

Here's Riley, my parents little monkey! He is a big softie, full of kisses, but a real handful, and can leave you worn out at times! However, he has been part of the family for almost a year now, and we wouldn't be without him! 

My parents have a fishing lake near their house which is where we usually take Riley for his walks. This is his little friend who is there more often than not! I keep saying we must ask her owner what her name is, but we never do! 

The place is looking quite overgrown at the moment, probably due to the all the rain interspersed with sunshine, and the fact that I don't think anyone is actually in charge of looking after the area! A real pity, as this is a lovely walking route, but I think it will become way too overgrown for anyone to be able to pass along it soon! 

As we headed back towards home, we took a little detour through my parents local church yard, again somewhere that sadly seems to be looking a little neglected of late! I imagine it must cost a pretty penny to maintain old buildings such as this, and a lot of people don't really seem to see the church as the hub of the community any more, so unfortunately, the rot sets in, and these majestic old structures get left to the elements!

The church was built in 1904 and was originally known as the Johnson Memorial Church, due to the fact that it was given to the people of the village of Bickershaw in Wigan by the Johnson family in memory of the late James Henry Johnson and the late Elizabeth Johnson.

I have no idea why most of the information on the board is blocked out by tape! 

From the moment my parents adopted Riley they have made a massive effort to get him used to riding in a car (which he loves) with the idea that he wouldn't be phased if we wanted to either go out for the day, or go a little further afield for his jaunts. We have a few trips out planned really soon, and no doubt he will hop in with us, then that way, we don't have to worry about getting home sooner or relying on someone to pop over and take care of him! He loves the car journey, hanging out of the window with the wind whipping back his ears, and he adores being out and about among people, relishing in all the attention! 

Where do you walk your dog and what do you pass by along the way? I'd love to know if you care to share!

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