20 Oct 2014


This is most probably going to be mind numbingly boring to some, but we'll give it a whirl!

I call this page my 'mobile office'. I can deal with my emails, calls, make important notes, surf the web and check the weather etc, here! The utilities folder contains the calculator, alarm clock, voice memos, compass, maps, etc. 

This is mostly my social media and games page. The Petaco app is a gorgeous little on line Filofax that you can add pictures to and write notes in. If someone else joins your group, they can leave their own notes and pictures on the same Filofax. You can also have a separate one just for yourself! It's too cute not to have it! I recommend the Ghost Radar app for a bit of harmless fun. It's definitely not to be taken seriously, although we have had many a giggle scaring people with it (especially my mum!) 

I keep my photo album and camera in this folder, along with a couple of editing apps. Photo Collage and Frame Your Life are very similar, the only difference being is that the frames and photo stickers differ a little on each one. Both are equally as good if you like to fancy up your photos a little!

I don't really keep any music on my phone as it doesn't have a lot of memory. Instead, I have kept hold of my old 3gs and use that just as an ipod

If I can't sleep at night, I will pop my earphones in and catch up with some of my favourite programmes on the iplayers. That way, I can tuck myself under the bedclothes and not disturb my partners' sleep with the t.v.

As you can see, my desktop background says 'Life won't wait forever'. That is to remind myself that I need to stop spending so much time procrastinating! On this page I have my maps, rail timetable (not that I catch trains much!), a couple of shopping apps, and 'My Fitness Pal' calorie tracker. It's a handy little app if you are trying to keep a track of how many calories you are consuming, and if you sign into the website, you can join their forum, and check out lots of delicious low fat recipes!

I am signed up to the Tesco tariff, and keep their app on my bottom bar, so that that way I can keep a check on how many minutes I have left, how much data and how many texts, etc.

*This is not a sponsored post
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