28 Oct 2014


Crystals have been revered since time immemorial. Civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians believed these gems had been sent by their ancestors as a celestial gift. They were thought to be charged with powerful properties from these other worlds!

Just the same today as it was back then, the use of such crystals are often employed in two areas - to adorn a person of importance and status (i.e. Queen Elizabeth II) and as a source of magical healing.  King Tutankhamun's funeral mask, just like the inside of his golden sarcophagus, was inlaid with Lapis Lazuli, which was believed to contain magical properties, and was used to adorn the King as a reference to his god-like status!


Research shows that our reaction to colour is involuntary. Learning about the effects of each colour, we can begin to understand the reason why we may possibly be drawn more towards some stones than others, depending on what your body requires at the time.


Black (grounding), brown (enabling), red (energizing), orange (releasing), yellow (organizing), green (balancing), blue (communicating), deep blue (cooling), clear (clarifying), pink (accepting), white (cleansing), violet (integrating)


Going off the advice I was given when I was at college studying alternative therapies, a good place to start when building a crystal collection, is to set up a basic chakra kit. First, let me give you a brief overview of chakras and their function!


Although there are quite a few chakras around the body, the ones pictured above are considered the main seven. The word 'chakra' is Sanskrit for 'wheel' or 'turning', as it is thought that these energy centres spin. If you wish, you can study this topic in great depth, but for now, I will keep the explanation short and simple! 

Each chakra relates to a part of the body or 'energy centre', and each 'centre' can be re-aligned or balanced by 'feeding' it with its' related colour, by the use of a crystal or a coloured scarf placed over the area. As for your crystal, it's not so much the type of crystal you use, but the colour, which you need to be aware of! Here's my suggested list;

CROWN CHAKRA ~ (violet) Amethyst 

BROW CHAKRA ~ (indigo) Lapis Lazuli 

THROAT CHAKRA ~ (light blue) Angelite/Blue lace Agate

HEART CHAKRA ~ (green/pink) Aventurine/Rose quartz

SOLAR PLEXUS ~ (yellow) Citrine 

SACRAL CHAKRA ~ (orange) Carnelian 

ROOT CHAKRA ~ (red) Garnet 


These crystals can be placed on the corresponding chakras to re-align and cleanse them, starting at the root and working your way upwards. If you can place the crystal directly over the chakra, that is desirable, however, as close as you can get to it will suffice! I usually find that ten minutes spent relaxing with these crystals in place is enough to make a difference! 


Of course, after you have used your crystals for a treatment, whether that be on yourself or for someone else, you need to cleanse them afterwards!  There are a number of methods you can use for this, but here are the few I stick to! Of course, feel free to look into the other ones available, if you don't like the ones I use! 


Every new crystal purchased should be washed in a mild soapy solution, not only to remove dust, but also to get rid of any vibes it has picked up whilst still in the shop! Running your crystals under a cold tap whilst visualising all the negativity is has absorbed running down the drain, can be a really good way to cleanse them, especially if you should need to do this quickly in between clients!


On the day of a full moon, place a bowl of water outside at dawn, trace a pentagram onto its surface, and then leave it outside for the rest of that day and night, until dawn the next morning. I usually place my crystals in the water for ten minutes or so (no longer), then place on a towel and allow them to dry in natural sunlight, as the top picture shows! 


I sometimes will use salt to cleanse my crystals a little more thoroughly if we are not near a full moon. You can either use separate little dishes and push each of your crystals into a mound of salt, or use a big plate and put each crystal into its own salt mound that way. Use sea/rock salt only! When you have finished, throw the salt away!


Mine are just usually kept on my altar and used as and when I need them, but I do have some that I carry with me all the time, in my car and in my handbag. I cleanse the ones in my car at least twice a week to rid them of negative energies from being in a moving vehicle, or in case anyone who has been inside the car has left any negative vibes behind. The one in my handbag gets cleansed as often as I can mange to do it. If you are planning to go and do a treatment at someone else's house, it might be an idea to invest in a little carry pouch or wooden box to keep your crystals in whilst they are in transit. That way you can protect your newly cleansed crystals from absorbing anything negative during the time they are on their way to heal your client! 


The first two crystals I ever bought were Amethyst and Tiger's Eye. Amethyst is especially good for working with the crown chakra (the control centre for the whole basic chakra system) and its energy brings about an overall flow of peace and state of balance. If you want a stone to carry with you for protection, carry a Tiger's Eye. Here's mine! 

This photo was taken when I was cleansing my crystals during the last full moon we had! I've had this stone since 2001, and if I'm ever without it, I feel lost! It sounds so strange to say that, but I've come to value its presence in my world as a gentle guardian! 

In time, I plan to expand more on each crystal mentioned here, and more! 

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