14 Oct 2014


We were just about to head out of the door when this little guy hopped onto the wall! My favourite type of garden bird!

On Saturday we gave this exhibition a visit. It was being held at our local church (Lowton St Luke's dating back to 1733!), so just a little ten minute wander, and we had arrived! As you can see from the poster, it was held to commemorate the soldiers who were local to my area that had fought in the first World War. Unfortunately, I missed the choir performance on Friday (would have loved to see that!). Apparently, they were performing all the old war time songs from that particular period! We met some lovely people, saw some fantastic personal collections of war memorabilia, and choked up a little reading the heart rending poems written by the children from our local junior school! A well put together exhibition in beautiful old surroundings!

On Sunday we headed out to our local country park to take some wildlife photographs. My boyfriend had recently purchased a new camera which he was keen to try out, so, walking boots on and a bag of snacks at the ready, and we were off!

First port of call, the bird hides! Dozens of these little guys were darting around scrambling for food!

Me filming the ducks and geese. My photography skills aren't as advanced as my boyfriend's, but I'm learning! I 'm still trying to get to grips with this Fuji bridge camera!

1. 'I'm ready to go!' Absolutely love this idiot! :)

2. Stu descending the steps of the U.F.O (viewing tower) at another local park that we moved onto later on in the day.

3. My little photog! If you are around him, he will take a picture of you!

4. Synchronized dipping!

5. Mushrooms!

6. Hallowe'en snacks (three for £1 at Tesco)

7. Pretty lens flare orbs!

8. Another little Robin pal. He was so tame and actually posed for several photos for us!

Bird and wildlife photograpy credit: Stuart Bowdler
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