10 Oct 2014


1. I remember this snack from my childhood and was thrilled to discover that Burton's (who also manufacture the likes of Maryland Cookies and Wagon Wheels, to name but a few) had brought this fabulous bit of 80s nostalgia back to supermarket shelves, after an absence of around 25 years! The only downside is, I can't stop eating them, and my waistline will undoubtedly suffer!

2. Anyone remember Choc Dips? As a kid I was obsessed with those, and a visit to my Nan's house usually involved me consuming as many packs as I could without making myself sick! My passion for that particular snack fell away quite a number of years ago when they reduce the size of the packaging and content therein, but my Nutella obsession, coupled with a fondness for the little bread sticks utilized as a scoop for getting the chocolate spread out of it's tray had me hooked! If I could solely survive on a diet of Burton's Fish 'n' Chips and Nutella & Go!...I would!

3. Treats to oneself! Radox Pink Grapefruit and Basil shower gel smells divine! A really good morning wake-up call! Two of my latest additions to my ever expanding nail polish collection - NYC Hudson Breeze and Barry M Berry Ice Cream!

4. This is a gift for my upcoming birthday at the end of the month. It's an experience day at my favourite Birds of Prey Sanctuary - Gauntlet .

5. Unfortunately I have to wait until 23 November, due to the fact that these experience days get booked up so quickly! Read about my last visit to Gauntlet here.

6. My lovely cat Charlie, snot-balling my camera lens.

7. My collection of crystals, cleansed with water blessed by a sun and full moon cycle.

8. October full moon (Hunter's Moon, Sanguine Moon, Blood Moon) from a couple of evenings ago. I used the sun cycle of the day and the full moon cycle of the night to bless my water for crystal cleansing.

9. A cute little pumpkin for my Samhain altar!

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