28 Oct 2014


As a birthday treat, Stu took me to York, and in the search for somewhere to dine, we decided on Jamie's Italian!

We both love Jamie Oliver, have many of his cookbooks and have tried out quite a few recipes from them before now, but this is the first time we have dined at one of his restaurants, and it most certainly won't be the last!

 The staff were fantastic and couldn't do enough for us, the atmosphere was great, and as for the food - in a word - WOW!!!! Jamie, you've got it all sussed out my friend! Every member of staff looked so happy and content to be working there - not one miserable face, no audible complaining, and everyone flitting around, happy at their work! I can't wait to go again! Click here to find out where some other branches of this chain are located.

This weekend just gone, Stu and I ventured to the cinema to see the new Brad Pitt film FURY. In all honesty, I'm not a fan of films or documentaries about the War, but for some reason, I was quite keen to see this one (and an eyeful of Brad Pitt never hurt anyone!). Stu has a keen interest in the War and so was eager to go along. It's quite a long film (just over two hours), but it certainly didn't feel that way!

After reading a few reviews online, I really feel that this movie is suffering a distinctly unfair bashing, and anyone who criticizes it to the extent that some people have, is simply missing the point and certainly isn't intelligent or empathetic enough to understand what this fantastic production is attempting to convey! I emerged from the cinema feeling quite depressed, sickened and saddened by what I had just seen, and therefore I believe that David Ayer - the writer and director of Fury - has done the job he set out to do! I feel this was certainly one of Brad Pitt's best film roles, although, the other actors performed equally as well, and convincingly played the part of men cracking and stretched to their limits by the ravages of a brutal and relentless War, bickering and almost losing their heads with one another, yet pulling it together to operate as a single unit when under fire! Go and see it! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Finally, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family -

His name is Riley, he is 18 weeks old and is a Zuchon (a mixture of a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise. He belongs to my mum and dad and is currently giving them a good work-out! (when he's not sleeping, he is never still!) Although he is so very cute and adorable, he can be a little terror when he wants to be, but I suspect that is just the puppy phase, and he will hopefully calm down a little as he gets older, and has had a certain part of his anatomy removed (I'm sure you catch my drift!).

If you were looking to get one of these type of dogs as a pet, I would certainly recommend them, as he has slotted right into the family with minimum fuss, is easy to take care of, and learns new commands super quickly! Welcome to the family Riley! There will be, I'm sure, many more photos of him in the future!

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