14 Jul 2014


I'm not usually one to give up on a book so easily, but this one lost me half way through, and I struggled to get back to grips with it! Even putting it down for a while and reading two other books in between didn't make any difference! 

As a rule I love Carole Matthews, and have read many more of her novels, thoroughly enjoying them! Unfortunately, for me, this was not one of her best efforts, and I found myself not even caring about the outcome of the story lines of the characters contained within! The protagonist, Lucy Lombard, berates herself with such monotonous frequency, that I got to the point where I just didn't care to read on any further about the next disastrous job/relationship/team building exercise that was about to go 'arse up', hence the need for yet another chocolate hit! The binge and vomit aspect of the storyline didn't really seem to find a necessary place to slot into either!

I feel bad that I can't give this book a nice review, and I so wanted to enjoy it, but it left me feeling quite disappointed (although not enough to put me off trying out more of Carole's work!).

If you have never read one of Carole's novels before, maybe give this one a swerve, and start with the delicious 'Let's Meet on Platform 8'.This was my first encounter with Carole Matthews' work and I loved it instantly! 

Sadly, I wont recommend The Chocolate Lover's Club


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