17 Jun 2014


I took my mum here for the afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and she loved it! Unfortunately, Heskin Hall was closed on the day we visited, therefore we were unable to see inside, but what a good excuse for another visit eh?!

Here's a quick peep at some of the stores contained inside;

We enjoyed a wander around the antiques department, picked up some gorgeous, tasty produce from the fruit and veg shop, and then we met this fabulous little guy; 

He belonged to the lovely lady from the florists and he was adorable!

Lunch in the cafe

Mum in wool heaven and possibly one of the most inaccurate signs in the entire history of signs! :)

There's plenty more to see and do, other than the things I have pictured here, and it's all contained within such beautiful surroundings! 

And here's our little shopping haul!

If the rain is pouring and you can't think of anywhere to go, cosy up in here and browse to your heart's content! 

To read more about Heskin Hall and the Farmer's Market click here

* This is not a sponsored post

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