11 Jun 2014


I picked this book up absent-mindedly on a recent trip to Tesco, purely based on how inexpensive it was (£2.00). Whenever I am grocery shopping I try to avoid the books section, as I have so many on the go at the moment, I certainly don't need to add to my collection any time soon, but I had some time to kill, which is always lethal when you are in a place where you can browse! Anyhow, without further ado, let's move on to the review!

Sue Jackson's daughter, Charlotte, is left in a coma after deliberately stepping out in front of a bus! Nobody knows what drove her to do this, at least that is what her mother thinks, until she goes digging around in her daughter's belongings and uncovers her personal diary, which throws up a few mysterious pieces of information, which Sue then sets out on a mission to decipher.

Sue is forced to revisit her own murky past and a time when she suffered from a mental break down, as she digs to unearth the reason her only child attempted to take her own life! What could be tormenting Charlotte so much that she would rather die than face up to the situation?

It's difficult to say much more about this novel without giving too much away, and as I'm not a fan of spoilers myself, I will leave it there! 

As the story moves back and forth between the present (i.e. Charlotte's accident and Sue trying to unravel the series of events) and Sue's past and how it might possibly tie in with what has happened to her daughter, it might be worth skipping this book if you are not a fan of stories that are written in this style, however, I do feel that the author makes the switches more than clear by adopting the use of a different text style to differentiate between the two time periods.

I read this book swiftly, as although the story is quite intense, the writing style is easy and it flows well. I'm hoping to dig out some more of her material in the future! A recommended read!

'Kind of' a cliched ending, and for that reason I will rate this book - 


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