23 Apr 2014


Anderton Nature Park sits alongside Anderton Boat Lift in Northwich Cheshire, a phenomenal feat of Victorian engineering, built in 1875 by Edwin Clarke in order to lift cargo boats upwards 50 feet from the river Weaver up to the Trent and Mersey canal. 

A tour of the boat lift and river boat rides are available at various times throughout the day, however, you do have to book! If you are not that way inclined, you can cycle or take a walk beside the canal, take a look around the visitors centre, have a picnic in the park, or, just a stride over the bridge is The Stanley Arms pub. Great beer, great scenery and superb food that I can personally recommend!

Now and then there will be an event held here, such as car meets, or a few craft boats will turn up! There is also a lovely little pic-nic area within the park and few spots dotted canal side! Dogs are welcome! We always head here at least once during the summer time!

Our next trip out was Chester!

As two people who are massively interested in history, myself and my partner will usually head for a place that is steeped in it, cameras at the ready! There is definitely no shortage of history in a place like Chester, and next to York, it is one of our favourite places to explore! 

As we landed in Chester quite late in the day, we didn't get the chance to explore much beyond this, but we will undoubtedly return at some point!

There were no choccy eggs for us this Easter as we are trying our best to be good and not eat sweets, but the Easter bunny did stop by, and this is what she brought for us!

My partner is really into older cars, especially Volkswagens, and the one type he has never owned is a Jetta! We found her in Southport over the weekend, and, as you can see from the big cheesy grin, he couldn't be more pleased!

There are a few repairs needed and lots of beautification, not to mention the removal of some horrendous modifications made by the previous owner, but it shouldn't take too long before she is on the road again!

What did you do with your Easter weekend?

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