22 Mar 2018


Happy Thursday evening gang! Just thought I would pop on here to tell you about our little trip to Edinburgh a couple of weekends ago. Although I had been there several times in the past, my partner hadn't, and there were quite a few things I had never seen during my previous visits, so we headed up there with a mini itinerary, rain coats and stout walking boots, a good stash of road trip snacks and some of our favourite music to accompany us on the journey! Here are some photos from our weekend;

30 Jan 2018


It's difficult to believe that this stunning 14th Century building was once up for the chop back in the 1920s, and it's thanks to six local businessmen that is is still here for the enjoyment of generations to come! We found this stunning hall by pure chance, and we are so glad we stopped in to take a look around. Entrance is free, except for on event days, however, the hall is reliant on donations and any money spent in the cafe and gift shop, so do make sure you grab a cake and cuppa, and a little souvenir from the gift shop while you are there! 

Here are a few photos from our afternoon there!

22 Jan 2018


We first became aware of this recipe after watching an episode of Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast a few years ago. The pair travelled around the U.K.looking to revive fading or forgotten classic recipes, arriving in Lancashire to resurrect the Tosset cake.

These little biscuits date back around 700 years and it is thought that they are most likely linked to St. Oswald's Feast, which marked Holy day celebrations, and was held every year for centuries. The biscuits were spiced with Caraway and Coriander seeds and were considered a real treat, however, manufacture ceased during the First World War due to the fact that butter and sugar were rationed, and they hadn't been produced since, until Jamie Oliver made them popular again, assisting the supermarket Booths to sell 5,000 just after they appeared on the popular Channel 4 programme back in 2014!

19 Oct 2017


I suppose it can be pretty difficult to put yourself first without looking completely selfish to others, but take it from one who knows, constantly putting your own wants and needs on the back burner in order to facilitate the smooth running of someone else's life, can only lead to feelings of deep resentment and unhappiness within yourself! What I have learned personally, is that by always being at the beck and call of others, you will eventually achieve nothing but a personal melt down!  If you don't nourish your own mind, body and soul/spirit first, then how can you ever hope to be of any use or benefit to anyone else?

18 Oct 2017


It is always said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is certainly true in the home of a witch, especially one who is constantly working with herbs and oils to create healing balms, teas and potions! However, kitchen magick goes beyond just herb work, and can be applied in the preparation of our daily food and drink! When you are about to prepare food for yourself and your family, begin by filling your mind with loving and thankful thoughts. Express your gratitude to Mother Earth for providing for us, and giving us the gift of foods which nourish our bodies and keep us healthy and alive!

15 Oct 2017


Yesterday we paid yet another visit to one of our favourite places....Gauntlet Eagle and Vulture park. At a rough guess, this is probably our tenth general visit, and a couple of years ago I received a Falconry Experience day as a birthday gift. Click here to take a look at the photos from that wonderful day!

You are more or less free to wander as you please and take a look at the birds and other animals at Gauntlet (bearing in mind that some of the birds might vanish for a little while if someone is on an experience day), but they do also run an itinerary of flying displays, meet and greet and Vulture feeding and info talks throughout the day.

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